Outdoor Boot Camp for Women Only
Adventure Boot Camp for Women is the original outdoor boot camp in the Northwest Valley  There are some key things that set us apart from any other boot camp:
  • Benefit:  Your workouts are programmed by a certified fitness trainer with over 20 years of coaching experience.  Therefore you are sure to get SAFE, EFFECTIVE workouts.
  • Feature: We take time to discuss nutrition, as well as offer weekly live coaching videos to help keep your mind focused through your journey.  This boosts motivation and camaraderie, which keeps you on course toward your goals.
  •  We have been named the Best of Peoria in the Boot Camp category 4 years in a row.  We are well established and offer you a program you can TRUST!
Basics of Adventure Boot Camp
  •  Next camp starts March 20th
  •  4 Week Camp 
  •  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  •  5:30-6:30 A.M.
  •  Paseo Verde Park, 75th Avenue and Greenway
  •  $150
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Your Adventure Boot Camp Package also includes:
  •  Nutritional Coaching with weekly check ins to keep you on track.
  • Private Facebook Group Page with additional coaching, motivation, group support, accountability and daily inspiration. 
  • Weekly Facebook Live  Vidoes - Will be scheduled once a week for 30 minutes.  A huge emphasis will be placed on nutritional information, as well as developing a winning mindset to ensure you reach your goals.  These calls will be recorded in case you need to listen at a more convenient time. 

Lisa Olona, founder of Northwest Valley Adventure Boot Camp, is a motivational transformation fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach for anyone who is determined to look and feel strong, healthy, lean, and confident in their body.
Through her highly motivational and effective workout programs she's here to inspire you to believe in your ability to get your eyes of the scale and create a real body and life transformation. Along with workouts designed to help you burn fat and build muscle, you will get the motivation and accountability needed to achieve your goals.

Her body transforming insights and highly effective workouts have been featured on every local channel, such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. She has also been featured in the Arizona Republic, including the front cover. Her fitness boot camp for women was named Best of Peoria (Arizona) in the category of boot camps in 2013-2016. Recently she was named Best of Peoria in the category of trainers.

 When she's not training and developing coaching programs, you can find her enjoying a hike in the mountains, relaxing in the movies, and enjoying quality time with her friends and family.
Meet Lisa and get ready to transform your body and your life.
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